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[19 Aug 2004|11:51am]


..if your interested, check it out.
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[18 Aug 2004|07:54pm]

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As most of you know,
Ashlee is the younger sister
of singing sensation, Jessica Simpson.
but as most of you also know,
Ashlee is becoming a singing sensation herself.
Ashlee started dancing around the age of 4.
At age 11, She was the youngest student
at the School of American Ballet.
But at 14, she started back up dancing
for Jessica.

Her Debut Album : Autobiography was released : July 20th 2004.

She has been seen in a couple movies and shows
such as , Hot Chick, Malcolm in the Middle,
7th Heaven, Saved by the bell..and more.

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[18 Aug 2004|10:00am]

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The community is soo far from done, but i've decided to at least start it anyway. It's all about ashlee. obviously. so feel free to leave any info that you want. also, if you can find a good icon for the community, let me kno. thanks.


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